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We guarantee the best transport conditions for your animals considering all the details, so that the trip is as pleasant as possible, avoiding any kind of incidents as well as respecting the European legislation in the field.

​​Here are the most common destinations: Hungary, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France. Of course, we can offer transport to many other countries in Europe, it is best to contact us to discuss the details.

​Our staff speaks fluent English, being available to answer your questions and provide any assistance you may need.

Information on the cost of transport is provided by phone or e-mail. The cost varies depending on the distance, but especially depending on the size of the pet (each animal, dog or cat, is assigned a transport cage with dimensions appropriate to the stature of the animal).


Payment can be made by various methods, even at the destination.




Accommodation places for international animal transport are obviously limited, to ensure the right space for each "passenger". Thus, it is necessary to fill in a reservation form - it is important that all data is correct.

Download and fill in the booking form HERE . It must be completed very carefully . If you have several animals that you want to transport, you will have to fill in a form for each one.

After completion, please email the form at

Shortly after receiving the email, a member of our team will reach out to you to set all the details. 

Three French Bullgod Puppies
Cat Lying


After you have booked the transport, we will check the data and contact you by phone.

We need to make sure that everything goes smoothly, so the puppy's or cat's documents will be needed to be checked.

Passports must be completed correctly, the legislation for animal transport being extremely strict.

One week before the departure date, we will need all the documents and data of the pets to verify their correctness and complete them in the Traces system.

Important information for transporting dogs and cats in Europe:

  • The minimum accepted age of the animal is 4 months;

  • The date of implantation or reading of the microchip must be before the date of rabies vaccination;

  • The date of rabies vaccination of the pet must be older than 21 days on the date of departure;

  • On the day of departure or at most 24 hours before, the puppy or cat must be dewormed (internal, external) and subjected to a clinical examination by a veterinarian;

  • The data must be filled in the passport (internal, external deworming and healthy clinic visa);

  • The rabies vaccine must be written with a pen, signed, initialed, round stamp and protective foil.




On the scheduled date for transport, we pick up the animals from the address communicated by the client.


We consider the safety and comfort of pets throughout the trip.

Inside the cars there are individual cages of different sizes, used depending on the stature of the transported animals.

They have increased comfort, both as a private space and in terms of the security felt (no animal will "invade" the personal space of another animal transported).

Throughout the trip we have an internet connection so that adopters / families can see the location in real time and can also request pictures with the animals.

The animals are carefully supervised, fed and watered periodically, and the absorbent mats are changed as needed. Feeding is done twice a day, and water is changed often.


Love for our four-legged friends urges us to pay attention to every detail!

Happy animals - happy families!

Dog Walker at the Park

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